About Me

I created Simply Nutritious for busy moms who want their families to eat well, live well and think positively so they can be a happier, healthier and stronger!


Hi! I'm Shivma! If there's one thing you need to know about me is that I'm foodie. A vegetarian foodie, but a foodie none the less. 


I am a Dr. Sears certified Health Coach as well as an Internationally Certified Prenatal Fitness Educator. Additionally, I'm a Meatless Monday blogger.


I'll be sharing tons of tips, recipes and my favourite things for my family on my blog.


I would love to share in your journey to a happier, stronger, healthier you! So feel free to contact me.

Food for thought

To be a happier, stronger, healthier you is your choice. Be sure the changes you make come for a place of positivity and embrace the support and involvement of your family.