10 minute challenge

January 23, 2019 Shivma No comments exist

By now we’ve all heard about the 10 year challenge and to be honest I have mixed feelings about this challenge… Since it began, social media has bombarded us with these side by side images.


I feel like that challenge has the potential to place a lot of emphasis on body image as opposed to other changes that can happen over a ten year period. After 10 years of marriage and two kids I know I don’t look the same. My ten year challenge would be how I’ve grown emotionally and as a parent and wife. 


So, instead of a 10 year challenge, I thought we could all try a 10 minute challenge. One that we do each and every day just for ourselves.


girl drinking tea

For just 10 minutes everyday take the time to do something you enjoy. It could be exercise, reading a book, meditating, listening to music, having a cup of tea… whatever you love to do but can’t usually seem to find the time to do.


For parents, that time may be after the kids have gone to bed. For those of us who work late nights, it might be before we go to work. 


It doesn’t matter when you do it; the important thing is that you find the time to have those 10 minutes for yourself without life’s intrusions and demands. Ten minutes may seem like a small amount of time but it can help you to find that balance in your crazy day or help you remember the things that give you contentment. 


Our goal is overall health and wellness. This is one small step to being that happier, healthier you. 


So take the challenge! Be sure to let me know how it goes. 

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