Organic: To buy or not to buy?

September 10, 2015 Shivma No comments exist
Over the years we’ve had plenty trends when it comes to food. We’ve seen ‘low carb’, ‘low fat’, high protein and most recently ‘organic.’ But is ‘organic’ just a fad that will fade with the next big thing or should it really become a part of our diet?


organic vegetables


We know that organic food tends to be more expensive than conventionally grown food so it isn’t always accessible or feasible for some. Also, there is ongoing debate as to whether organic food is healthier or contains more nutrients.


So what does ‘organic’ mean and should we really bother to buy it? Well, if a food is said to be organic then it should have been grown/ produced without chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic products. It should also be free of hormones, artificial flavours and colours and GMOs.


So organic food is better in that it contains fewer harmful chemicals which can be linked to a number of health issues such as cancer and birth defects.


Organic food may not have more nutrients than conventionally grown food but they do have fewer pesticides making it a better choice whenever possible. If you cannot buy all your fruits and veggies organic then focus on the Environmental Working Group dirty dozen list.  These are the ones you should definitely buy organic since they contain the most harmful chemicals.




In addition to avoiding the dirty dozen try to buy locally and in-season and always remember to thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables!

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