Power Up Kale & Pineapple Drink

August 3, 2015 Shivma No comments exist

I recently started experimenting with homemade juices because I found that my 15 month old was going through a picky eating phase but she would drink almost anything you gave her. So I thought what better way to ensure that she got her fruits and veggies!


It turns out that not only did she enjoy them but so do I! I try to make some version of this at least 3 times for the week.


I find that it is also a great pre-workout drink. I try to have one before yoga because it gives me that feeling of fullness without being stuffed they way you would when you eat before you exercise.


What’s also great about this drink is that by combining the kale with the pineapple your body gets a greater amount of iron from the kale. A lot of greens have substances that prevent the absorption of iron by the body but by having them with a food rich in Vitamin C you increase that absorption.


You can add a sweetener if you would like but the sweetness of the pineapple masks any of the bitterness of the kale.


This tastes best cold so I recommend leaving your kale and pineapple in the fridge until you’re ready to juice.




1 cup kale
2 cups fresh pineapple


1. Place kale and pineapple in juicer until completely juiced.
2. Stir and enjoy!


Note: If you don’t have a juicer you can use a blender or food processor but you may have to strain the juice to remove the bits. Or you can drink it as is!

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